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The world of pay per click (PPC) advertising can appear bewildering at first, so here are a few questions that we’re often asked…

Q: What are Google sponsored links?

A: Google sponsored links are the small text adverts that appear down the right hand side of the Google search results and also appear at the very top left of some search results. Google sponsored links are also known as Ads ads, PPC ads and Pay Per Click adverts.

Q: How do I get a sponsored link?

A: To get a Google sponsored link you must sign up for a Google Ads account, or contact us to arrange it for you on 0844 448 0444.

Q: What is Pay Per Click / PPC advertising?

A: Pay Per Click / PPC advertising is the most cost effective form advertising known to man. It is the fastest way of getting your advertising message out to people on the internet and delivers the highest conversion rates and ROI. Pay Per Click means quite simply, you pay every time your advert receives a click. A click is when someone has searched Google, noticed a relevant "sponsored link" advert and has clicked on it to visit the advertisers site. You choose the keywords (phrases which people search for) and so you decide who will see your adverts. You can also determine how much you want to spend per click, and the more you spend per click, the higher up the search results list your advert will appear.

Q: What is Google Ads?

A: Google Ads is the platform used to run Pay Per Click campaigns on Google. Ads are also known as Sponsored Links, see above.

Q: How much does Google advertising cost?

A: The cost of Google advertising is controlled by how much you are prepared to spend per click and also is determined by what other advertisers are spending per click. If you want to appear higher than your competitors, then you need to out bid them, bid more per click. The more you spend per click, the higher up the list your ads appear. Also many industry sectors cost per clicks vary from as little as a few pence per click all the way up to £25 per click in more expensive / competitive markets, such as mortgages etc.

Q: What reports do I see?

A: We know that it is important for our clients to be able to monitor their campaigns closely so we send out detailed traffic / keyword reports either on a daily, weekly, monthly or whenever you request them. These reports show the ads that were generating traffic, the keyword phrases which generated the clicks, the number of times your adverts have been displayed and also the average ranking of the adverts and keywords. You can use these reports to analyse which keywords generate sales to refine campaigns and make them as targeted as possible.

Q: What is PPC?

A: PPC stands for "pay per click".

Q: What does pay per click mean?

A: Pay per click is the paid advertising service provided by search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN, Miva and many more. Pay per click means you pay every time someone clicks your advert. The click follows a search for a particular search term / keyword that describes a product or service you provide.

Q: How long does it actually take for my adverts to appear?

A: We can have your adverts live on Google and delivering quality traffic to your website within 1 hour of speaking to you.

Q: The visitors are coming through too fast, I'm getting swamped and missing opportunities what can I do?

A: No problem, we'll pause your campaign and re-start it when you're ready, or we can reduce the amount of visitors to your site per day by reducing your daily spending budget.

Q: I'm not so sure that people use search engines to source products in my industry, can you prove that they do?

A: Yes of course, we'll furnish you with information that shows you exactly how many people are searching Google, Yahoo and MSN for your industry terms using software that monitors search engines and user behavior.

Q: Mine is a small company operating regionally, Q0 Google is too large for me isn't it?

A: No, Google is actually ideal for the smaller business - we can arrange it so your advert only appears within a fixed radius of your postcode to ensure only your potential, local customers can find you and not waste any of your valuable clicks.

Q: I want my campaign to only appear in the London area, can I do that?

A: Yes, and you can select other cities too for the same campaign if you want to.

Q: I export and I'm looking for overseas enquiries but different languages present a problem don't they?

A: No, we can arrange campaigns in any country where Google/Yahoo/MSN operate and we even display your advert in that countries native language.

Q: How do I know how many times my advert has been clicked on?

A: We send you regular spreadsheet reports that detail all your campaign statistics so you can keep track of your campaigns effectiveness. Each report details the keywords that generated your ads to appear in the search results, the number of clicks you received from those searches, your click through rate (CTR) and the average position in the search results for that particular search term / keyword. These reports are also very useful for finding terms that are converting and those that are not and by removing these poor performing terms, we can help improve conversions and ROI.

Q: How long will my adverts remain online for?

A: You buy your traffic from us in blocks of 1000 clicks/visitors so your adverts remain online until you've received all the traffic you purchased. Or you can tell us how long you would like your PPC campaign to run for and we can amend daily spend budgets to spread out the flow of clicks over that period of time.

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