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PPC advertising is by far THE most cost effective form of advertising available in todays market place, if set up and optimised by a professional PPC management company.

PPC / pay per click advertising means you pay every time you receive a click on your advert that directs people to your site. Your adverts appear at the top left or on the right hand side of a Google search results page.

PPC advertising has many benefits compared to other forms of Internet advertising. For example, you can promote your site to anyone anywhere in the world, you can choose to advertise against as many keyword phrases as you wish, to ensure all your products and services are being promoted. With PPC you can also choose who sees it and where by selecting geographical preferences. For example, if you are a driving instructor you may only wish to advertise in a 25 mile radius of where you live, this can be done. If you provide english language training, you may want to advertise to everywhere that does not speak english and not England, this also can be done with PPC advertising.

Another great feature of PPC is that ads can be set up and made live as fast as within 15 minutes of your say so! This is also very useful for if you are running a weekend promotion and require a different advert just for that weekend, and then the normal one replacing that once the promotion is over.

PPC advertising will deliver fast returns

Assuming the PPC advertiser has selected the most relevant search terms, has written a good quality advert which appears near the top of the search results, and has a great converting website to receive the clicks, they should see a healthy return on their investment (ROI) relatively quickly.

There are of course other factors which can affect this, and that is why it is very important to use an experienced PPC advertising company to manage PPC campaigns.

We make it easy to understand PPC

Here are some popular questions we are asked, and the response you should expect if you use us for the campaign creation & management:

Q - How long does it actually take for my adverts to appear...?

A - We can have your adverts live on Google and delivering quality traffic to your website within a few hours of speaking to you. This can depend on keyword research and Google's ad review policies, plus other factors.

Q - Where will my adverts appear on Google?

A - In a top 3 position on page 1 of the search results

Q - I'm not so sure that people use Google to source products in my industry, can you prove that they do...?

A - Yes of course, we'll furnish you with information that shows you exactly how many people are searching Google for your industry, products or services

Q - Mine is a small company operating regionally, Google is too large for me isn't it...?

A - No, Google is actually ideal for the smaller business - we can arrange it so your advert only appears within a fixed radius of your postcode

Q - I want my campaign to only appear in the London area, can I do that...?

A - Yes, and you can also choose when to display your adverts such as during the hours of 9-5 monday to friday

Q - I export and I'm looking for overseas enquiries but different languages present a problem don't they...?

A - No, we can arrange campaigns in any country where Google operate and we even display your advert in that countries native language

Q - How do I know how many times my advert has been clicked on?

A - We email you regular spreadsheet reports that detail all your campaign statistics so you can keep track of your campaigns effectiveness

For more PPC advertising information, check out our PPC FAQ section.

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