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Here at Marketise we are often asked by our clients "how can I increase traffic to my website?". This is of course a thought that will be going through your mind hence you reading this page. Every business wants to get more website traffic to generate more sales / enquiries for their products and services. Increase traffic and get more business, it is as simple as that.

Traffic or hits basically means visitors, people landing on your website having searched for what you do. The higher the levels of search traffic coming into your site, the higher the the number of enquiries and sales.

There are many things you can do that are free to increase traffic to your website. And there are also many paid for techniques that you can use too.

Firstly we will look at free ways to increase traffic.

How to increase website traffic - For Free:

  • Ensure your website details are on all of your printed material and also on every email you send out, use a signature at the bottom of each email and include your website link in it
  • Submit your site to search engines and popular directories
  • Add links to your website from blogs and forums that are related to your site content
  • Increase traffic by sending out newsletters to your existing clients and other email lists you have collected
  • Sign up for free listings on website's that are well found in search engines, many sites can increase traffic to you by just having a link there
  • Prompt people to add your site to their favorites when they are visiting it
  • Add a "tell a friend" link to your site so visitors can email their friends with your web site link and this will quickly increase traffic

Ways to increase traffic - Buy Traffic:

  • Buy traffic from search engines via their Pay Per Click Advertising programmes
  • Pay a company to optimise your website so that it features higher in the search engines results

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