Internet Marketing for Lawyers

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Connecting with potential clients has never been easier for Lawyers!

When it comes to internet marketing, the process of reaching new clients for Lawyers is very much the same as other businesses.

People use search engines such as Google to seek providers of the products and services they are interested in. And they connect / get in touch with those businesses that they find as a result!

In the case of Internet marketing for Lawyers, people will search for specific area of expertise that they require, and if relevant, you appear in front of them.

For example, if you are a specialist divorce Lawyer based in London, you may wish to appear in search engine results when somebody searches for "divorce lawyer London".

Here is our 3 step guide to internet marketing for lawyers

1 - Website design for Lawyers.

You need a website to be found in search engine results. If you don't currently have a professionally designed site, contact us today to discuss the development of one.

2 - Search engine ads / Google pay-per-click ads.

We arrange ads that appear when specific terms have been searched for, your ads appear directly below the search box, at the top or near the top of the search results page. This form of internet marketing is known as pay-per-click marketing, or PPC for short.

Quite simply, you are charged each time a potential client clicks from the search results page through to your website. A very cost effective form of marketing because your ads only appear to those people who are actively searching for what you do. You can target these ads by location, time of day and by as many specific search terms as you want.

3 - Search engine optimisation for Lawyers.

Once you have your website and your PPC ads up and running and the traffic is flowing in and converting into clients well, the next step is to build up the relevancy of your website so that it appears as high up the other search engine rankings to attract even more visitors.

We can provide what is known as search engine optimisation (SEO) to help improve your websites visibility in the search results.

Dedicated to providing amazing results!

Our team of highly experienced internet marketing specialists have only one goal in mind, generating a great ROI for our clients and developing long term partnerships & customer retention.

Based on this ethos, we don't tie you into long term contracts, we simply rely on good results from our campaigns and fantastic customer service! Read some of our client testimonials here.

Want to find out more about internet marketing?

Contact us today to find out more about any of the above internet marketing services for Lawyers, call now on 0844 448 0444, or send an enquiry using our short form here.

How much does internet marketing for lawyers cost?

Internet marketing is very flexible and you set your own monthly budgets, so no matter what the size of your practice, you can still advertise and connect with those searching for your services.

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