Google Ads Management

Need Google Ads management that generates a better return on your investment?

  • Looking to increase your Ads advertising returns?
  • Need higher positions for your ads?
  • Want to target more keywords?
  • Conversion rates too low?
  • Time to try a new agency?

Here at Marketise, we're proud of the high quality, results driven Google Ads management services we provide. Forget clicks, our service is all about generating sales conversions and delivering a good return on investment for our clients.

We have been managing Google Ads accounts since 2004 and offer the best service and support out there. (According to our clients!)

Who needs our expert Ads management?

If you are running your own Google PPC advertising campaign and are not happy with the results, or it is taking too much of your very important time, outsource to Marketise and see your ROI rocket!! Digital advertising agencies outsource to Marketise and see their clients ROI go through the roof!!

If you have been using another Ads campaign management agency and you are not impressed with the fees, lack of keywords, can't see your ads at the top of the results, or simply don't get on with them, speak to us, tell us your goals and our Ads managers will put together a PPC strategy to suit.

Contact us now on 0844 448 0444 to find out more about our Google Ads management and how we can help you or your clients get the most out of PPC on Google.

We manage many Google Ads accounts from £700 per month up to £20,000 per month spend and utilise the most up to date technologies and software out there to ensure our clients get a campaign management service second to none!

Our Google Ads management service will:

  • Reduce cost per clicks(CPC'S)
  • Increase click through rate (CTR)
  • Increase sales conversions
  • Increase return on investment (ROI)
  • Optimise landing pages where needed for maximum Quality Score
  • Track and report on clicks, and conversions
  • Analyse and improve where needed
  • Drop keywords that waste money
  • Provide consultation as to where to increase spend on keywords that are performing well so as to NOT miss opportunities

What difference will our Ads management make to you?

Quick Google Ads campaign case study:

Clicks Up - Cost per click - Down!

With quality Ads optimisation, amazing results can be had:

Q: What is Google Ads quality score and how does it affect my campaign?

A: The Ads quality score is set in place to ensure that the most relevant websites are delivered to someone searching Google, The quality scorer is determined by a combination of keyword to ad copy to landing page relevancy and also CTR. If you have a poor relevancy from keyword to landing page then your Quality Score will be low and you will be forced to increase your buds to try and get higher ad positions, and if your CTR is low then you will also get a poor score. When we optimise landing pages and ad copy to targeted keywords, our clients get a 10/10 quality score which means we are then able to land the top position for the lowest CPC's possible, which in turn means our clients enjoy more clicks for their money and higher ROI.

Q: Why is Google Ads CTR important?

A: If your click through rate percentage is lower than 4% per keyword then you will struggle to attain the high results you want to get maximum traffic, and you will be forced to pay more per click than you need / want. Our average CTR% is around 10-15% across the board and as a result we are able to achieve the highest advert positions for our clients at the lowest cost per clicks, giving maximum ROI on their campaign.

Q: What is Google Ads conversion tracking and why is it important?

A: Google Ads conversion tracking is one of the most important parts of campaign management, if you don't know which keywords and ad groups are generating sales/leads etc, then how do you know which ones are wasting your money and which ones are generating sales? Ads Conversion tracking generates code which goes in the GOAL page of your site. This goal can be the "thanks for your order" page which people arrive at when they have made a purchase, or the "thanks" page people land on when they have completed a form enquiry or just the "contact" page. Whatever your strategy determines as the "Goal", this is what we track. Quite quickly by using this tracking code we can determine which keywords are not generating conversions..and delete them from the campaign, and by determining which keywords do generate conversions, we can advise on increasing your spend on those areas to maximise sales and ROI and to ensure you never miss out on opportunities.

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