Internet Marketing Testimonials

As a Google Ads and PPC agency we feel it is important to share what others think of our services. Here a few Client testimonials for you to make your own mind up.

Gary Shelton - Castle Bedrooms Ltd
"My name is Gary Shelton and I would like to provide the following reference for Liam Taylor at Marketise. I was previously using another company for my add word campaign, but found results very slow indeed and generally frustrating. I then came across Liam and instantly found him very personable, professional and very knowledgeable in his expertise, Liam is always available whether that is via email, telephone and nothing is too much trouble as Liam strives to get results for your company. I would highly recommend Liam for any Ads or seo campaign."

Annabelle Tilley - D & D London
"With 30 luxury restaurants in London, Paris, Copenhagen, New York, Tokyo it is essential that we use the best Ads and PPC agency to manage our Google advertising. Marketise have done a great job delivering quality traffic and ROI. D & D London would recommend them to any business looking to achieve success on Google."

Joe Lowe - WebsiteUK
"WebsiteUK are very careful about who they use as trusted partners and Marketise have proved time and time again to be reliable and very knowledgeable when it comes to Internet Marketing & Ads management. We would recommend their excellent service to anyone."

Satman Sembhy - Broad Way Kitchens & Bedrooms
"Broadway Kitchens are a specialists manufacturer of bespoke, high end luxury kitchens, bedrooms and bathrooms. Due to the type of quality kitchens we supply, it is essential that our Ads agency focus our budget attracting the right type of visitor to our site to result in a high enquiry conversion rate. I highly recommend Marketise for their care of our company, fantastic service and customer service."

Ian Simpson - Knight Training
"I have been looking for a company to manage my Google Ads pay per click account for a good couple of years. I have paid numerous companies who all promise the earth and rarely deliver. Marketise have improved the web site and landing pages and at the same time decreased my bounce rate and more importantly reduced the outgoing cost, as the work that has been done has decreased irrelevant clicks and increased my conversion rate."

Shaun Taylor -
"Marketise provided an excellent service to us in maximising our sales leads generated via the internet. Their personal service aimed at understanding our business ensured a targeted and focused campaign. In the first week alone of this service we had a six-fold increase in the enquiry level via our website and the leads generated were of a high quality. We have no hesitation in recommending their service to everyone (other than our competitors!)"

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